Most oven chips are actually deep fryer chips with a brown colouring. What? You mean these are the same chips? Yes, cheap oven chips are the same as deep fryer chips. Even the more expensive oven chips are just deep fryer chips with a coating. It’s as simple as that. Of course there is some variation in quality, cut size and other details, but essentially they are all the same product. Or in other words: it may say oven chips on the packaging, but it might just as well say deep fryer chips. At Beyerlander we thought: “We can do better than that”. So we developed oven chips which really are intended for preparing in the oven. These chips are certainly NOT for deep frying. Makes sense really, if it actually says ‘oven’ on the bag. In much the same way, we developed air fryer chips (again, you cannot deep fry these chips). We remove the water, reduce the baking time and the result: crispy chips. And there’s something for everyone: thick, thin, traditional or steakhouse (cut sizes). All rapidly ready and of course: no coatings, no E-numbers, just pure nature.

Thick cut oven chips

Original oven chips

Steakhouse oven chips