We’re not gonna beat around the bush on this one: Beyerlander deep fryer chips are simply the best you can buy. It takes three and a half kilos of potatoes to make one kilo of our deep fryer chips. Only the core of the potato, coatings free, to the highest specifications; pure nature! With the skin on, without skin, thick or thin cut, and some special varieties that have never before been sold in supermarkets. How about Maestro chips? Delicious to dip in a sauce of your choice. Or our Artisan chips? As if you’ve cut them yourself! Oh, and here’s an important point: our chips are strictly checked for their acrylamide levels. Nothing to worry about there, just enjoy!


Thin cut deep fryer chips

Thin cut deep fryer chips with the skin on

Traditional deep fryer chips

Traditional deep fryer chips with the skin on

Thick cut deep fryer chips

Artisan deep fryer chips

Steakhouse deep fryer chips

Maestro deep fryer chips