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Have you heard Beyerlander’s story yet? No? Well, take your time, settle in, it’s an amazing tale. At least, that’s how we see it and why we’d like to tell you all about it, so you can pass it on. Because as you know, good stories are scarce.

The core
Let’s tell our story. Potatoes are round or elongated and chips are (usually) square. As we’ve still to succeed in growing square potatoes, we have to address this. How does this work in practice? Well, the best, longest and most refined chips come from the centre of the potato. No discoloration, almost no black spots, etc. Every connoisseur of chips recognises these as the very best chips! And up until now, these chips were mainly the preserve of the catering sector. Yep, you read that correctly! The best chips are siphoned off to fast food chains, restaurants and chip shops. So what happens to the rest of the potato? Well, these end up on the supermarket shelves (or more precisely in the freezers). Entirely unfair, we thought. Something needed to change. We want to be able to eat the best chips at home. So we sought a supplier able to supply us from now on with chips made from the core of the potato. And we found one!

The best from nature
There’s another thing: what is more beautiful than unspoilt nature? For example, how often do we hear the expression ‘purely natural’? Everything indicates that nature has a wealth to offer us; from essential nutrients to exquisite beauty. Most people are aware of this these days. So why ‘fiddle around’ with what nature has to offer? No, as far as we’re concerned, our products remain close to nature. What does this mean for you? Well, Beyerlander is the only (!) brand NOT to use coatings on its chips. ‘Coatings!’, we hear you exclaim. Correct, some manufacturers find it necessary to spray their chips with a coating. Particularly to give their chips a crunchier bite or make them a more attractive colour. All complete unnecessary of course, if you do your level best during the production process. So as far as we’re concerned: no coatings on chips and for good measure no E-numbers either. Simple, back to nature: potatoes and sunflower oil. Something that applies to all our varieties of chips. And we remain truly unique in this. We call it ‘Clean Label’.

Speaking of nature: how does Beyerlander look after the climate? Are we doing our bit? Of course, we are also concerned with dealing responsibly with the natural world. And we are proud to put premier quality products into our packaging, proud to refrain from using coatings and proud that we don’t have to add anything to our chips. But what happens to the rest of the potato? We can reassure you that not a single gram of the potatoes is discarded. Most is used for cheap(er) bags of chips. The smallest pieces are dried and then made into potato flakes. What about the peels? They are used for cattle fodder and by doing so we also contribute to the circular economy. This also means that we use potatoes produced locally and don’t go lugging goods all over the planet. And if we see opportunities to reduce our ‘footprint’, that’s exactly what we do. Naturally!

Do you want to know why our air fryer chips are ready so quickly (3 minutes) or why our oven chips are so crispy without coatings? Take a look and read more on our site or look through the frequently asked questions. Nice to have had your attention for a few moments. You’ll probably understand our slogan a lot better now:

Beyerlander; the very best is good enough.

Do you think it’s a good story? We do. Many thanks.


You can taste simplicity.


Beyerlander; ‘the very best is good enough’.



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We are the Muilwijk family: Dad, mum, four sons and one daughter. We love each other and we love good food. We enjoy visiting restaurants, markets and shops and trawling supermarkets at home and abroad. We taste everything we can find, are usually spotted at most food fairs, and simply ‘think in food’. We have invested everything in our company and brand, in the confidence that our taste buds are similar to yours and because we love to make people truly happy (for the instant) with great food. And, of course, also because we have to earn a living, even though this is by no means our all-consuming aim.




We dream of letting all people (or as many as possible) share in our discoveries about chips and by doing so we also let everyone share in our ‘happiness’. We dream of sharing our prosperity with people who are (significantly) less fortunate than us, rather than distributing it to already wealthy shareholders who are all about making money with money. We even dream of a better distribution of wealth throughout the world. We dream big. That’s why we share Beyerlander’s net proceeds with charities. In short, sharing runs through our veins. If you can’t share, you can’t increase; the very reason why we named our company Sharefoods BV. For the moment we’re still relatively small. Would you like to help us grow? Then purchase one of our products. At the very least we’ll be grateful to you.


Taste it first before you believe us?


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Beyerlander simply loves action and activity. Next to the supermarket, in shops, at fairs and plenty of other fun events. Every year we do our best to get out and meet our fans as much as possible. Below, you can discover what’s on our schedule for the coming period.

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Frequently Asked


Do you have any questions about Beyerlander products or about our brand? Find the answer below. Is your question not listed? Feel free to contact us.

About Beyerlander

In principle, our potatoes are sourced in the Netherlands. If there is a temporary increase in demand or a shortage of supply, the potatoes may come from neighbouring countries.

Beyerlander uses the Fontane potato variety. This type is generally used for both fresh and frozen chips. The Fontane potato has a pale yellow flesh and is usually grown in sandy soils.

Potatoes contain plenty of water (approx. 80%). This water needs to be evaporated to make your chips crispy. Because Beyerlander removes most of this water from the potato in advance, you’re buying more potato and less water – unlike with other brands. So more value for your money. The difference in weight before and after preparation is therefore much greater with traditional chips than with Beyerlander. That’s why a bag of Beyerlander contains fewer chips in grams, but after preparation you will have about the same amount of chips as a bag of 750 grams of normal chips.

The quickest way to contact us is to call during office hours. Or you can email us at

About Beyerlander products

The allergen information is listed per product on the product page. Do you have any further questions? Please contact us.

Beyerlander products are free of e-numbers.

Yes, but a limited amount. The European standard has recently been amended (EU Regulation 2017/2158). The reference value for chips is 500 µg/kg (0.5 milligrams per kilo = 0.0005 grams per kilo). If products contain more acrylamide than the reference value, it must be investigated to see if sufficient measures have been put in place to ensure that this value is achieved.

Beyerlander products are regularly tested for their acrylamide content. The last measured value of the chips was 80 µg/kg, so well below the reference value. These values will fluctuate over time due to the starch and sugar content of the potatoes changing. Therefore, very safe products with low acrylamide values.

Bisphenol A is a chemical used in many plastic products, including packaging. There is a risk that small quantities of this substance may leak into the packaged product. Beyerlander takes no risks on this front and therefore only uses (the more expensive) packaging guaranteed (certified by the suppliers) not to contain Bisphenol A. So there are no risks to you.

Buying Beyerlander products

Our products are sold at Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Hoogvliet, Plus, Jan Linders, Emté and Makro. Are you buying your groceries elsewhere? Ask your supermarket about it; they can include our products in their range upon your request. You can also click on your supermarket’s logo on this site.

Even if your local supermarket (chain) carries Beyerlander products, this does not mean that each and every one of our products will be available in every store. For example, the supermarket chain’s purchaser decides which products will be included in the range. Larger stores also have more space to display more products. That’s why a smaller shop will generally have fewer Beyerlander products than the larger stores. You can always ask the manager or store owner to order the product of your choice or make space for it on their shelves.

No, because the catering sector still does not have the equipment to prepare our products quickly. This equipment does exist, but the catering sector is probably not ready yet.




Beyerlander is available at the following supermarket chains:

Would you rather buy Beyerlander at your local supermarket? Click on your supermarket’s logo and request your supermarket customer service to include Beyerlander in their range.



If you have any questions and/or remarks, please contact us using the form below. You can call anytime. We will respond to your question or comment as soon as possible.

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